XTruLink is a bridge to Altru that utilizes a caching system to speed up ticket purchasing, scanning and customer management while keeping Altru up-to-date in the background. Our user-friendly interfaces simplify and automate tasks, while providing extended functionality, such as snapping photos of pass holders for easy identification.

XTruLink for Altru by Blackbaud


Mobile Solutions

XTruLink integrates with a variety of mobile scanners, sleds and barcode readers, allowing you to perform mobile payments, printing, and credit card, membership card and barcode scanning.

Self-Service Solutions

XTruLink kiosks allow customers to purchase tickets and passes themselves, while still doing the up-selling and cross-selling for you. Our kiosks are completely brandable, configurable, and come in floor, counter and wall units.

Online Solutions

XTruLink online ticket purchasing provides a custom designed portal for online ticket purchasing that integrates with Altru and can help you go paperless with electronic ticket support.

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